The Teaching

Learning Reiki is a lifetime experience and there are some wonderful teachers out there like the ones who taught me. We take our hats off to those who do teach and practice.

So as we have said we plan to set up a reiki teaching facility in the Philippines early in 2016 So let us know if you are interested. This page explains a lot about your role and expectations.

The course is a one month live in course where you will learn each of the levels and practice them and of course also undergo many Reiki sessions yourself. Each person who comes will also have a local trainee to work with for the whole time if there are not multiple trainees at the time. You will find it to be a totally relaxing hands on modality. The food each day is of course very healthy food as others will be sharing the facility who are in the process of clearing up ailments of various kinds. So expect to get very healthy and energetic while you are in residence. There will also be a few opportunities to enjoy some local entertainment and attractions according to your preferences. The course is not expensive.

The first week will be taken up with receiving treatments and undergoing a drilling in general natural health guidelines. Reiki fits into the pattern and we regard it as one of the main tools in healing. You will receive your attainment in first level reiki and then have a few days to practice it before the level two attainment Once you have done that you will actually be working with your family and friends with their permission always. Yo will have two weeks then to practice this and understand the coordination of modalities in general healing. You can do some work on your own and then with a companion or another trainee. Teaching staff will be there regularly to check the progress and help you marvel at the changes that are occurring as you go. This then begins to be the most exciting time of your life. Learning about the slower results is just as important as you always go into a Reiki treatment knowing you will make a positive difference but you can never be sure of the immensity of that difference. It could be minuscule but that does not matter. Spare a thought for all the health care workers who never get a positive result except the temporary relief of pain.

The end of the third week is the perfect time to become a master. in the outside world this is normally done six months or even years after the first two attainments. But in this live in, hands on situation the energy is developing very quickly. This process takes three days, a little meditation and exercise and it is time to write of your experiences from the first weeks. You will reach a level of comfort you would never have believed existed. Occasionally we will remind you that in another week you will be thrown back in at the deep end. But by then you will have softened up the landing through your own efforts and the power of Reiki!

The last few days are spent in teaching and sharing along with lots of practice. You will view many health videos which clearly outline the necessity for having people like you in the world and of course you have also taken the first steps to becoming a healer.