There are many wonderful practitioners using energy treatments to help people over various ailments. The system is not perfect but this is probably the best sector of health care anywhere in the world in the production of positive results. Reiki is traditionally slow but relaxing during the treatments. The results are often marginal but always positive, although every now and then there will be a remarkable short term outcome. This can often completely change someones life for the better. Reiki acts on the designated parts of the body while positively effecting all of the parts. We actually recommend it in combination with nutritional changes and other natural health modalities such as Massage and reflexology. Combining the three can often trigger a sudden change in metabolism which clears up a difficult problem.

We will go on to list practitioners on this page over the next months. So watch for it. Also we will run a Reiki course from the Philippines from April 2016. The course will be a live in course for one month. Learning, practicing and teaching to create the complete Reiki Master. You will not believe the transitions in yourself, your family, your friends and those you work on. Again teaching others can be a wonderful experience so we will guarantee a student or two.for your first practical experience and there will be some interesting cases to work on. You will also be taught to mix with other modalities where necessary.