The mentoring membership program is designed to assist those working through this self help program to get through and effect the desired changes. It includes weekly newsletter. Direct contact via email, assistance with further study material and case histories. assistance with nutritional requirements and of course the basic outline of a plan to work from. The plan becomes a study plan with many references to the correct path to follow and examples of results. You are not trusting someone else to fix your body any more. Nobody can fix your body anyway. It repairs itself and you will understand what is going on inside as it does.

There is no pushy sales letter. If you want it you can sign up and you can withdraw at any time. It is run by healthybodychurch as part of a charity operation. $49.95 per month fee covers the costs of running the program and making available information and then providing support as you go.

The Repairing Problems Naturally Membership $49.95 button here

There are other memberships with content transferable from one to another in many cases. However if you are the one who is undergoing the healing and you have a supporter in your endeavours then there is a membership for that supporter. This can be quite important as the comments and general level of communication is going to make a massive difference. This membership has specific content for the supporter. Cost of this membership is $19.95 per month.

The Supporters membership $19.95 button here

There is more and we have introduced a membership for those who are just concerned and wish to follow the natural way to better health and indeed work towards total health. Test yourself regularly and adopt the right attitude. So the concerned membership is $19.95 per month and of course you can come and go as you wish.

The Concerned Membership $19.95 button here