Care In Caring


Caring is something which has come to us at healthybodychurch, healthybodycharity, and a few other websites which are exciting and adventurous. The world of health is a mess as most countries enter the above 50% adult obesity and above 50% adult diabetes statistics. With this comes all the other diseases and the common denominator is food. The other causes of disease are all promoted day after day but most of the triggers depend on a low immunity in the host and so on. So we have many websites explaining the role of food and many explaining the causes of various diseases.

When you try to cure or reverse a disease the first step is always to fix the cause. Change the diet to a nutritional one. But obviously reversing something which has accumulated over 10, 20, 30, or 40 years is not going to happen overnight. So to ad some practicality to the healing scene we use methods or modalities in the natural health arena. There are a number of healing organisations which understand and rely on the nutritional path where disease reversal is expected to take up to 18 months but it works with dedication the disease is cured. Others add herbal nutrients or medicines as well. The time frame for healing can be significantly reduced down to a few months. So similarly the adding of natural methods such as massage, reiki and meridian methods such as reflexology can restore the body to health in a much shorter time.

There is no quick answer or formula to this because every human is different unlike most living species which tend towards patterns or even for some, virtually identical metabolism and appearance. So this means all the carers are right to an extent and have thousands of additional methods they can use to speed up the healing process. Reiki is one of the very valuable methods and although often slow it is always beneficial. So concentration on the nutrition and other methods then always adding Reiki to the mix is a winner for many caring groups.