Energy Healing

Welcome To Reiki Massage

Hello and welcome to this wonderful website. i know the title is Reiki Massage but in introducing reiki healing it is essential to mention it is one of a number of wonderful healing methods which use energy as the healing force. Similarly in reference to the title reiki has been teamed with massage for such a long time and in general healing we suggest the two are inseparable. So here we go reiki is one of the most valuable healing tools I have ever found and of course I have tried dozens of methods.

Energy is what brings the patient to the healer. None of that good doctor, bad doctor stuff here! The practitioner of course will be a good one if the patient comes through the energy path. It is hard to explain but it is always a chance meeting on the street or in a cafe or railway station. Just anywhere where the classic situation occurs. Our energy reaches out around the world and further. While there is little research it is clearly understood that the energy exists and it is just a case of establishing the maximum parameters,
Often when you think of someone you will pick up the telephone and it will be them ringing. This is sometimes accidental but mostly involves a low level of communication.

Energy is used in Chakra balancing, meditation, yoga, and many direct hands on healing methods. It is believed that laying on of hands as used in many churches is an energy based form of healing. So if you have a theory or an opinion about this or in fact if you have had an experience which involved extra sensory perception or intuition, then maybe tell us about it. We would love to hear.

More to come very soon